Healthy three-layer mask

Healthy three-layer mask

Three layers of Protection

  • Polypropylene spunbond:

non-woven fabric Effectively block visible objects such as droplets.

  • Meltblown non-woven

Filter non-oily particles in the air.

  • Meltblown non-woven:

Absorbs the heat exhaled from the body, leaving the skin dry and comfortable.

Filtered mask N95

Filtered mask N95

Sterile mask with five filtered layers

01- Non-woven
Filter large particles

02- Meltblown
Block more than 94%

03- Antibacterial non-woven fabric
Filter P2.5 grade particles

04- Non-woven
Enhanced filtration of fine particles

05- Skin-friendly non-woven layer
Soft and skip friendly without irritation